This is a post written by Taylor Otwell, the founder of Laravel, which has since been removed from his blog...

Programmers are an interesting bunch – brimming with passion and pride in the shadows of our mansions. They’re beautiful, our mansions of bits and bytes. But, do you know what gets us worked up? The neighbor’s yard – and their kids… Lord knows they need a tutor. They probably don’t even code to an interface. Gross. I mean, it’s dangerous.

It works both ways, right? I’m practical. Those bookworms that won’t stop blathering about the latest architecture or pattern… Just build something already! Stop wasting your time with useless programming trivia and just write some code!

Programmers love policing each other. Heck, humans loves policing each other. We love telling others what to think, what to love, what to hate. We say it all the time, don’t we?

“I mean, they are nice people, but they aren’t like us, you know?”

I’m guilty. How do we stop being judgmental weirdos and start loving people?