Introducing a new CMS I’ve been working on with my friend, Alexey Bobkov.

Demonstrating how easy it is to build a blog and forum website.

Lots of people were asking if October could be multi-lingual, well the answer is yes of course. This feature has always been important to me and so I made it a priority for the platform.

Every time I work with October, I am always blown away by the simplistic genius behind components. In this video I demonstrate their effectiveness, and also run over some scaffolding commands.

Extensibility is a critical feature of any platform, October handles it particularly well.

At OctoberCMS, we used MailChimp to send campaigns to our subscribers. This was great until we reached 2000 subscribers. Then it became a costly experience since we rarely send emails and were being charged monthly.

It made sense for us to build a plugin to handle this work for us, it represents a huge cost saving and gives us the ability to access our website content and database.

Forms can be complex for two reasons: validation and relationships. Fortunately October runs on Laravel and intrinsically supports complex relationships between models, and also takes care of validation.

October matches the power brought to the table by Laravel with the RelationController behavior shown in this video. It is useful in most basic cases but for a fully custom experience, custom code should be used.

Alexey worked incredibly hard for two whole months on this feature. It is nothing short of mind blowing, just like his other work. For this video Alexey prepared the video footage and a script for me to read.

I think this is the best screencast to date.

Putting it all together with Static Pages, Menus, Snippets, Media Manager and Syntax Fields!