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Thought Police

This is a post written by Taylor Otwell, the founder of Laravel, which has since been removed from his blog.

Positioning and aliveness

If you grew up in India you would be a product of that environment. This is probably the first and only time you can blame, or credit, your environment because you have absolutely no say in the matter. Beyond this point your environment becomes increasingly decided. At school you decide to hang out with the stoners or the nerds and you will likely adopt that culture/head space. It is feeble to blame the culture, environment, location or anything else. When in fact you arrived here solely based on your decisions.

Be a player, not a spectator

Drop your persistent conflicts and the idea that you can’t change them. Then ditch the reasons and meaning to everything else you think is important. Peel the onion back to the core. The possibility of doing, having or becoming anything comes purely from nothing.

What on earth is daft spunk?

It's my alternate call sign to my original nickname spunky, named after the dimwitted dog from Rocko's Modern Life. I've been using it for a long time now, almost 15 years.